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1.Information on signal strength of mobile network

  1. Definition for mobile network’s reception signal bars (indicated by 3G HSPA) is not standardized and different approaches are adopted by different companies. It is an open secret in the industry that the signal bars are adjusted to give consumers the false impression of good signal strength.
  2. Chunghwa Telecom displays the signal strength for in-vehicle system honestly. Signal strength is indicated truthfully by means of blue signal bars.
  3. When the administrative unit or drivers of your company encounter a situation of poor reception for the in-vehicle system at a specific section of road or in a fixed area, please help by recording the time/ place of occurrence (detailed address or scope of the region)/ number of times occurred and provide such information together with the serial number of in-vehicle system or the mobile number prefix to our company. Our company will appoint a designated person to perform drive testing for the mobile network for better reception.

2.Please make assessment by observing the number of satellites used for positioning at the upper right corner of the screen of in-vehicle system:

  1. When the vehicle is parked in an open area, the number of satellites used for positioning is generally maintained at 5 or above where possible.
  2. When it is frequently below 5 satellites, please try to place the antenna of the in-vehicle system outside (on top of) the vehicle to test the GPS signal strength. If the result of test indicates that GPS is normal, it should be an issue of having interference inside the vehicle or the vehicle is covered by a metallic heat shield.
  3. The place of in-vehicle system installation should be, as much as possible, away from the driving recorder to avoid electromagnetic interference.
  4. The place of antenna installation for the in-vehicle system should not be shielded by metallic objects, such as A-pillar or car top cover.