Dynamic Bus Solution

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Deploying advanced technologies of information, communication, navigation and control in operation management of public transportation, it improves the safety, reliability and operating efficiency of public transportation.

Chunghwa Telecom’s Intelligent Public Transportation Solution provides a system which has integrated the in-vehicle system with a centralized intelligent control platform. It allows real time tracking of vehicle movements and driving information. It can also integrate the services of displays at the front and on the side of buses, announcements upon arrival at bus stops, detection of following distance and diversion from driving routes, intelligent bus stop signs, mobile phone inquiries and transfer planning. This allows passengers to get hold of real time bus travel information and improves driving safety.

Dynamic Bus Solution

Benefits of Solution

  • For service providers:
    It raises the efficiency of scheduling and allocating buses; reduces their fuel consumption; and improves driving safety and service quality to passengers.
  • For passengers:
    It allows inquiries on estimated bus arrival time, with automatic alert upon arrival and suggestion of routes. It also reduces passenger waiting time so that the required time for bus traveling can be easily known.
  • For Motor Vehicle Offices:
    It provides a good grasp of driving routes, automated checks on irregularities, planning of bus stop locations on routes, operation analysis and support on decision making, which raises the operating efficiency of Motor Vehicle Offices.

Service Functions

  • Transportation by bus :
    Real time positioning and tracking of vehicles, monitoring and record keeping of real time driving recording, monitoring vehicle status and events, LDWS lane departure detection, FCWS forward collision warning, tire-pressure detection and abnormality warning, real time driving recording for record keeping, bus stop arrival display with automatic audio announcements, multimedia display board on the front and side of buses, and warning about disasters and rescues.
  • Roads :
    Multimedia LCD intelligent bus stop signs and multi-line LED intelligent bus stop signs.
  • The center:
    Route and bus stop location management, fare and time schedule management, bus scheduling and allocation, restricted road section management, analysis of bus dispatch status, records of vehicle usage, vehicle operating rate, record of traveling time between stops, record of stopping and waiting time at stops, dangerous driving records and undesirable driving behavior records.