Logistics Industry Solution

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– Efficient delivery in logistics means better cash flow and prosperity –

As Otaku economy becomes the trend, consumers’ requirements for logistics and deliveries rises significantly. The vehicle fleet’s delivery efficiency and performance management can be achieved effortlessly with Chunghwa Telecom’s Express Delivery of Vehicle Information.

Logistics Industry Solution

Service Advantages

  • Using a 3G multi-function dispatch monitoring in-vehicle system, real time vehicle locations and activities can be provided, which facilitates monitoring and dispatch by the administrators.
  • Proactive and synchronized reporting of the status of driving task to the service platform
  • Management cost is reduced by the precise knowledge of vehicle activities and locations as well as the availability of vehicle operating reports.
  • Event monitoring such as prevention of irregular power and detection of movements by the in-vehicle system provides control over unexpected situations.
  • Idle speed detection and fuel consumption computation provide information on fuel usage at a glance.
  • Installation and maintenance of equipment are simple and easy, allowing instant upgrade to cloud vehicle management.
  • Various performance reports can be generated at fixed intervals.

The text adjacent to the diagram of in-vehicle system in the center is revised to “3G multi-function dispatch monitoring in-vehicle system”

Benefits to Administrators

  • Most immediate monitoring of vehicle fleet:
    A quick understanding of the vehicle fleet’s real time activities and locations
  • Most effective performance management:
    Vehicle fleet operation reports are efficiently generated at fixed intervals
  • Most convenient multi-stage dispatch:
    Multi-stage task dispatch, reply and navigation are provided
  • Highest quality of deliveries:
    Real time monitoring of vehicle cabin temperature and peripheral signals
  • Most environmental friendly, saving energy and reducing carbon emission:
    Idle speed detection and oil consumption figures are provided

Details of Service Functions

  • Vehicle monitoring:
    Split screen monitoring for single/ multiple vehicles, real time position display, monitoring speeding and stopping overtime, and inquiries on historical driving records.
  • Task dispatch:
    Real time message dispatch, task route navigation, canned response transmission and broadcast message transmission.
  • Abnormality management :
    over speed warning, power failure warning, stopping overtime notification, temperature monitoring and temperature failure warning and SOS emergency button notification.
  • Performance management :
    Driving behavior analysis, fuel consumption analysis, daily/weekly/monthly performance reports and barcode delivery records.
  • Event Monitoring:
    Monitoring a vehicle’s entry to/ exit from a specific zone, tow-away movements, engine on/off status, etc.