Taxi Dispatch Solution

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– Immediate taxi dispatch expands customer base, and multiple channels for calling a taxi makes it very convenient –

Chunghwa Telecom’s taxi dispatch satellite service provides the most complete service solution for vehicle fleet, including an integrated service of in-vehicle navigation system, dispatch platform and customer service representatives. It also provides multiple channels for calling a taxi, such as Mod, App, Web and fixed location equipment, which makes it the best option for raising taxi dispatch efficiency, managing drivers and forging an overall image of the vehicle fleet

Functions and Features

  • The Taxi Operation Safety and Dispatch monitoring system F was granted an invention patent No.1258592 by the Intellectual Property Office on 21 July 2007.
  • With a multi-function in-vehicle system, dynamic parameter setting, two-way data/ audio communication function, and dynamic online upgrade technology.
  • Vehicle positioning/ tracking/ monitoring and vehicle fleet dispatch/ allocation/ direction.
  • With telephone/ network/ fixed point taxi booking, taxis can be ordered instantly/ via advance booking/ for long distance/ for business customers.
  • Provides a fixed point taxi rank function which allows taxi rank to be self-defined, saving time and fuel cost.
  • Provides systemic safety monitoring/ vehicle emergency help function.
  • A vehicle monitoring mechanism which collects traffic information, thus adding value to the taxi industry.

Taxi Dispatch Solution

Product Advantages

  • As Chunghwa Telecom does not operate in taxi fleet business, business competition will not be a concern.
  • The fortified cloud server room is a stronghold that protects the valuable data of the vehicle fleet.
  • As dispatch and navigation are perfectly integrated, only one device is needed.
  • It satisfies various taxi dispatch modes, including online, shuttle, waiting at taxi rank, long distance and automatic dispatch.
  • Allows multi-channel taxi booking, including App, Mod, fixed point and web page.

Service Functions

  • Dispatch platform
    Dispatch to taxi rank, affiliated member management, member information management and business customer management.
  • In-vehicle navigating system:
    TTS audio announcements, CASE navigation assistance , link to taxi meter and driver’s safety button.
  • App taxi booking service:
    Allows passengers to book a taxi via mobile phone network, call a taxi by direct phone call, send out safe taxi ride SMS and inquire about booking records.
  • MOD Integrated service:
    With Chunghwa Telecom’s MOD IPTV taxi booking service, you can call a taxi even when watching TV at home.
  • Fixed point taxi booking App service
    Android “Fixed Point Taxi Booking” App monthly rental service is available for taxi fleet’s application. It can be placed in the community/ at restaurants, etc. Taxi booking attributes can be set according to requirements.
  • Online taxi booking service
    An online taxing booking API is made available to the taxi fleet for integration with its official website so that members can utilize the website’s real time/advance booking/long distance taxi booking service.
  • SMS notification service :
    Provides SMS notification of vehicle dispatch from the taxi rank. The taxi fleet can pay additional charges to notify affiliated members to avoid losing cases of business.

Raising efficiency

  • Raising dispatch efficiency :
    By integrating intelligent satellite taxi dispatch with the customer service center and network platform, dispatch processing time for taxi booking has been reduced from an average 46 seconds to 20 seconds.
  • Raising average passenger load factor and lowering idle time:
    By reducing the vacancy rate of taxis, there is a 28% increase in the number of dispatches for passenger pickup per taxi per day, while operating time is shortened by about 20%.
  • Lower fuel consumption:
    With the use of GPS positioning in taxi search and dispatch, it is no longer necessary for drivers to go around the streets. There is in average about 17% savings in fuel consumption after the system’ s introduction as compared to before.


Successful cases

  • In cooperation with the government’s “Mobile Taiwan” Program, taxi satellite dispatch service was established for 1000 satellite taxis in Kaohsiung region in 2008, including the New image, Guan Sheng and Hao Ke Lai taxi fleets.
  • In cooperation with the SME Immediate Technical Guidance Program of Ministry of Economic Affairs, a demonstration of fixed point taxi booking service was given in 2009 to assist operators in Kaohsiung to establish fixed point taxi booking service, which is applicable in department stores, schools and community buildings.
  • Actual result of applications from 2010 to 2015 include taxi fleets such as Keelung’ s Yi-chiao Elephant; Taoyuan’s Jhong Hua Cooperation; Hsinchu’s Jhong Hua First; Taichung’s Jhong Hua Grand; Tainan’s Jhong Hua Crown and Taiyi; Kaohsiung’s Jhong Hua Ri Guang, Thriving, Denon and Rui Long, with a cumulative total of up to 4,000 satellite taxis.