Taxi Easy Call App

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It offers taxi booking service on smartphones. Taxi orders are sent via diversified positioning modes, which saves the time of making a phone call and waiting for a customer service representative.

The “Taxi Easy Call” App provides a number of ways to call a taxi. Passengers may use the positioning points on the smartphone’ s map to select the position of pickup. They can also use options such as nearby landmarks, editing pickup address in advance, favorite bookmark and historical booking records to call a taxi. A safety SMS about the taxi ride can be sent to friends and relatives after calling a taxi and getting the license plate number from the vehicle fleet and before getting on the taxi, which improves passenger safety significantly. In addition, 30 strokes of taxi ride history will be kept on the user’s smartphone side to facilitate passenger inquiries.

Functions and Features

  1. Taxi booking service: Passengers can book a taxi through satellite positioning / map / address editing / historical records / adding a bookmark and using specific QR codes. The system will automatically dispatch a taxi for pickup.
  2. Safety monitoring: after the system has dispatched a taxi, it will continue to record the vehicle’s position and traveling route to ensure a safe ride.
  3. Record inquiry: historical booking records are stored in the system for inquiries and subsequent taxi booking.

“Taxi Easy Call” App’s area of coverage and taxi fleets

  • Keelung and Taipei – Yi-chiao Elephant Satellite Taxi Fleet
  • Taoyuan and New Taipei – Jhong Hua Cooperation Satellite Taxi Fleet
  • Hsinchu – Jhong Hua First Satellite Taxi Fleet
  • Miaoli – Jhong Hua First Satellite Taxi Fleet
  • Taichung – Jhong Hua Yong Jia Satellite Taxi Fleet
  • Tainan – Jhong Hua Crown Satellite Taxi Fleet
  • Tainan – Tai Yi Grand Satellite Taxi Fleet
  • Kaohsiung – Jhong Hua Ri Guang Satellite Taxi Fleet
  • Kaohsiung – New Image Satellite Taxi Fleet
  • Kaohsiung – Thriving Satellite Taxi Fleet
  • Kaohsiung – Denon Satellite Taxi Fleet
  • Kaohsiung – Rui Long Satellite Taxi Fleet

In total, there are 12 high quality taxi fleets across Taiwan with a total of about 4,000 taxis using the services offered in this solution.

APP Screenshot

TAXI叫車便01  TAXI叫車便02  TAXI叫車便05  TAXI叫車便04  TAXI叫車便03


The “Taxi Easy Call”(Taxi叫車便) App is now available for free download. Search “Taxi叫車便”in Google Play or App Store for download or scan the following QR Code with iOS and Android smartphone to download.

iOS download point
Android download point