Business mobile Positioning and Dispatch System App

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China Telecom’s Express Delivery of Vehicle Information_Business Mobile Positioning and Dispatch System (Smart Phone App) uses smartphone’s signaling and positioning capabilities to provide functions such as real time positioning, task dispatch, clock in/out reporting, zonal entry and exit tracking, transmission of photographs and video recording and fixed address navigation. The company can have a complete grasp of the activities of its field personnel, which improves corporate performance and effectively saves on operating costs.

Smartphone usage has grown exponentially in recent years. Hence businesses have actively introduced mobile phones into commercial activities for improvement of operating efficiency. In light of the current market trend, Chunghwa Telecom’s Business Customers Branch has engaged specially in the planning of Smart Phone-ITS products to meet market shortages.

This product is available in two different models to meet different demands:
Monitor and Dispatch Model provides intelligent functions such as monitoring real time positions, manual clock in/out, multi-stage dispatch, journey management and multimedia file return transmission. The following functions are included:

  • User information verification and management
  • Product type recognition
  • Positioning and monitoring
  • Clock in/out with positioning
  • Event management
  • Vehicle management and use of private cars for business purpose
  • Automatic update of mobile phone software
  • Management of field personnel dispatch
  • Management of delivery journeys and clock in/out information
  • Return transmission of multimedia information

Fixed Address Navigation Modelis an advanced version of the “Monitoring and Dispatch model”, having integrated with navigation software to provide fixed address navigation. It collaborates with the business version of NaviKing to provide automatic navigation planning according to the destination address, which raises the efficiency of field personnel dispatch operation for businesses.

Corporate customers can contact the business managers of Chunghwa Telecom’ s Business Customer Unit at different office locations.

(1) This service requires turning on the GPS module in a region where positioning is available to ensure effectiveness and precision of the positioning function.
(2) Mobile phones using Media Tek chips may result in ineffectiveness of the assisted GPS function. Hence its use is not recommended for the present.

Product Advantages

  • Simply install the App and the service activities of field personnel are at your fingertips.
  • It is powerful and available at a low price. There is no need to bear the costs of purchase, installation and maintenance of an in-vehicle system.
  • With the functions of dispatch and fixed address navigation integrated, navigation to the destination requires only one key touch, which saves the time of asking for direction.
  • It also provides complete backstage management, including task dispatch and report inquiries.

Service Functions

  • Real time positioning: Return transmission of positions at fixed intervals, change of landmark addresses and assisted GPS by the base station.
  • Task dispatch: Multi-stage task dispatch and sequential dispatch of self-defined field services.
  • Fixed address navigation: Dispatch messages can bring up the navigation function, which automatically completes route planning to destination.
  • Clock in/out: Fixed point clock in, patrolling route arrangement and clock out transmission upon arrival.
  • It also provides complete backstage management, including task dispatch and report inquiries.


App screen

SmartphoneITS00   SmartphoneITS01   SmartphoneITS03   SmartphoneITS04   SmartphoneITS05   SmartphoneITS06   SmartphoneITS07

App download

The “Business Mobile Position and Dispatch System” App, available in Android version only, is available for use after applying for a monthly rental account at our company.

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