Garbage Transportation e-Point App

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Allows inquiries about the real time position of garbage trucks and estimated arrival time, with active reminder to users when the garbage truck is arriving. It is no longer necessary for people to chase after the garbage truck for garbage disposal. Inquiries about installation are welcome at the Environmental Protection Units of various levels of governments.

Functions and Features

  • Inquiries about the position, status and estimated arrival time of garbage trucks
  • Inquiries about garbage trucks’ collection routes
  • Inquiries about nearby garbage collection points and time schedule
  • My favorite and arrival reminder
  • Response to question
*Current areas of service: Keelung City; Caotun Township of Nantou County; Jiji Township of Nantou County; Changhua County of Changhua City; Lukang Township of Changhua County; Xiushui Township of Changhua County; and Fenyuan Township of Changhua County

App screen

清運e點通01  清運e點通03  清運e點通02

App download

Download of iOS and Android version App available.
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