2014-05-26 Chunghwa Telecom Takes a Big Step into Global Market with Cloud-based Applications

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[Taipei, Taiwan, May 26, 2014] Chunghwa Telecom, the No.1 Telecommunication operator in Taiwan has revealed a significant move in COMPUTEX 2014. Three cloud-based products will be shown and ready to launch into Global Market- eFMS(e-Fleet Management Services), iEN(Energy Saving Services) and UCAMpro(Remote Surveillance Management Services). With Chunghwa Global Network and data center, Chunghwa Telecom provides cloud-based applications for enterprises and homes around the world. Chunghwa Telecom is not only focusing on Taiwan but also moving forward to global markets.

Chunghwa Telecom eFMS, Multi-Channel NVR Solution is including car cameras, driving recorders, G-Sensor modules, GPS chips, and 3G modules. These products can be combined with real-time imaging compression to return images optimized for cloud storage. The equipment supports a wide range of voltages, from 8V to 36V, and is suitable for all types of vehicles. By combining GPS functions, vehicle location, and vehicle speed, a vehicle’s driving records can be continuously recorded and real-time location and driving images can be remotely monitored via 3G network.

Chunghwa Telecom iEN provides energy saving service which combines Building Automation System and Energy Management System. It utilizes various sensors installed on electricity consuming equipment to gather various environmental data and send these data and equipment status back to the cloud platform over the Internet. We offer you a total solution for energy management to increase efficiency and lower operation cost. With our web-based service, it’s convenient for you to optimize their energy conservation plans.

Chunghwa Telecom UCAMpro, a great cloud-based surveillance services provides remote monitoring and system management. By saving images in Chunghwa Telecom’s data center, users can stream real-time or archived video images anytime, anywhere. Additionally, you can also share your cameras with friends and family, or group your employees into different managerial levels so that they can keep an eye on your business for you. System logs are recorded for future audit and tracing as well.

Engaged in developing cloud-based service, Chunghwa Telecom is bringing its Information Communication strength into the world. By using Chunghwa Global Network, data center, and partnership with manufactures in Taiwan, Chunghwa Telecom is ready to take a big step into global market with cloud-based applications.