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Chunghwa Telecom has established a team for research and development of an intelligent transportation system since 2008. It is the first telematics service provider (TSP) in the telecommunication industry in Taiwan, embracing the service concept of self-development of core technologies for innovative applications in the area of intelligent transportation. It has become one of the major service providers in the ITS/telematics industry in Taiwan.

The Intelligent Transportation Service (ITS) Team of Chunghwa Telecom has integrated advanced technologies in communication, electronics, navigation, information, computer and control and constructed a cloud-based telematics management platform. Targeting at the areas of CVOS, APTS, ATIS and EMS, it provides government and businesses with seamless connection among people, vehicles and roads as well as application services in the field of intelligent transportation. It also continues to pioneer new services and products according to the trend of scientific and technological development.

In the field of Commercial Vehicle Operation Services (CVOS)

  • Express Delivery of Vehicle Information provides an overall solution for comprehensive commercial vehicle fleet positioning to customers in various industries respectively, including cargo transportation, warehouse storage, logistics, home removal, leasing, touring coaches, banknote transportation for financial services, garbage trucks, school buses and shuttle buses.
  • Integrated scheme for satellite taxi dispatch service
  • App development service for people, vehicles and roads

In the field of Advanced Public Transportation Services (APTS)

  • Platform development service for dynamic information management for highway bus transportation
  • City and county e-bus platform development service
  • TTIAv1.5 version of in-vehicle system and platform service which is compatible with the Highway Public Transportation Program

In the field of Advanced Traveler Information Service (ATIS)

  • Traffic information service for people’s convenience
  • VD data collection and database creation service
  • Development service for GVP and CVP algorithm technology

In the field of Emergency Management Service (EMS)

  • Emergency vehicle management service
  • Service for police car, fire engine and ambulance management project

Currently, there are over 30,000 vehicles from businesses and government authorities across Taiwan using various types of Chunghwa Telecom’s ITS services.

Out of these, there are a total of over 18,000 commercially operated vehicles using Express Delivery of Vehicle Information, including vehicle fleets in transportation, logistics and taxi services.

The largest Advanced Public Transportation System (APTS) service platform in Taiwan is also established by our company, providing a complete collection of information on the bus routes of 1,252 highways across Taiwan and the locations of 100,242 bus stops as well as covering about 8,600 highway buses and city buses. This has assisted the government in achieving its objective of e-management on highway bus fleets with telematics technology and created a win-win situation for the people, passenger transportation operators, government administrative authorities and the industries.

Chunghwa Telecom’s “Intelligent Transportation System Team” carries out innovative research and development persistently. In the field of traffic information tracking, it has engaged actively in research and development of core technologies, including CVP (Vehicle detection technology through mobile network signaling), VD (fixed mode vehicle detection device), GVP (GPS vehicle detection technology) and integrated technologies. Traffic information service is also developed in combination with the cloud computing technology. The“Traffic Info” (路況快易通) App was released in July 2012, which can provide real time traffic information with higher population coverage.

Our team continues to engage in innovative research and development of products with ITS application and pioneers new services with ICT application. The relevant results of research on Intellectual transportation system and its commercial applications have brought about underlying benefits to the development of Intellectual transportation in Taiwan in terms of environmental protection through energy conservation and lower carbon emission, as well as economic benefit through upgrade of the industries.

Overview of Chunghwa Telecom’s Intellectual Transportation Business Operation


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